Below are unofficial names for the themes (in order of appearance) with the earliest level that they appeared in:

Massif (Level 1)

Cosmos (Level 1)

Forest (Level 1)

Neon (Level 1)

Inferno (Level 2)

Snowfield (Level 2)

Ice (Monody)

Metallic Ice (Monody)

Candy Daytime (Candy)

Candy Midnight (Candy)

Desert (Level 4)

City (Noir) (Level 6)

City (Coloured) (Level 6)

Laser (Level 7)

Neon Laser (Level 7)

Neon Green (Level 7)

Russia (Level 8)

Tetris (Level 8)

Beat (Level 9: The E-Labrynth Adventure)

Dark Beat (Level 9: The E-Labrynth Adventure)

Red Beat (Level 9: The E-Labyrinth Adventure)

Winter (Level 10: Castle in the Sky)

Melting Winter (Level 10: Castle in the Sky)

Halloween (Level 11: Halloween)

Halloween (Noir) (Level 11: Halloween)

Halloween Forest (Level 12: Ghost Dance)

Alien Territory (Level 13: Deep Space)

Abduction (Level 13: Deep Space)

Christmas (Level 14: Christmas)

Evening Christmas (Level 14: Christmas)

Bamboo (Level 15: KungFu)

Red-Wood (Level 15: KungFu)

Black & White Pixels (Level 16: 1UP)

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