The Old 14 is a group of levels that share distinct characteristics between them and are generally classified as the original levels of Rolling Sky. Following the Level 13: Deep Space update, an icon next to the ball said "Old 13." On the Level 14: Christmas update, that was the final level before the New 15. Christmas was also the last level to be a part of the Old 14. In Level 15: Kung Fu, the icon no longer said "Old 14", but rather "New 15," because the Kung Fu level had 10 gems and 3 crowns, violating the Old 14's distinct properties. These traits include:

  • They have no crowns (the only level with them is Level 3)
  • They have 20 gems
  • They had Roman Numerals
  • Rare of them have own bonus level that is a direct sequel of them.
  • They have only normal jump pad. Since 1 Up is published, long jump pads, quardriple jump pads, short jump pads, gift boxes, speed variation pads, reverse jump pads, portal pads, reverse kontrol pads, portals, copying pads and flying pads are coming.

The levels of the Old 14 include:

I. Level 1: Massif

II. Level 2: Sky

III. Level 3: Forest

IV. Level 4: Desert

V. Level 5: Volcano

VI. Level 6: City

VII. Level 7: Sci-Tech

VIII. Level 8: Tetris

IX. Level 9: E-Labyrinth Adventure

X. Level 10: Castle in the Sky

XI. Level 11: Halloween

XII. Level 12: Ghost Dance

XIII. Level 13: Deep Space

XIV. Level 14: Christmas

The levels following after are considered the "New 18," and the bonus levels are considered its own category.