The Old 14 is a group of levels that share distinct characteristics between them and are generally classified as the original levels of Rolling Sky. Following the Level 13: Deep Space update, an icon next to the ball said "Old 13." On the Level 14: Christmas update, that was the final level before the New 15. Christmas was also the last level to be a part of the Old 14. In Level 15: Kung Fu, the icon no longer said "Old 14", but rather "New 15," because the Kung Fu level had 10 gems and 3 crowns, violating the Old 14's distinct properties. These traits include:

  • They have no crowns
  • They have 20 gems
  • They had Roman Numerals
  • They do not have any bonus level that is a direct sequel of them.

The levels of the Old 14 include:

I. Level 1: Massif

II. Level 2: Sky

III. Level 3: Forest

IV. Level 4: Desert

V. Level 5: Volcano

VI. Level 6: City

VII. Level 7: Sci-Tech

VIII. Level 8: Tetris

IX. Level 9: E-Labyrinth Adventure

X. Level 10: Castle in the Sky

XI. Level 11: Halloween

XII. Level 12: Ghost Dance

XIII. Level 13: Deep Space

XIV. Level 14: Christmas

The levels following after are considered the "New 15," and the bonus levels are considered its own category.