Obstacles are a feature in Rolling Sky levels that break your ball. They include the spring, (introduced in level 1) piston, (introduced in level 2) small tree, large tree and moving floor (all of the last three introduced in level 1) etc.

Please note that official names haven't been created for these obstacles. Names are made for how they look or work.

List of more obstacles: spring, glass (Comes in 2 variations), tree (comes in 6 variations), piston (comes in 2 variations), moving floor, laser cannon, wheels, spotlight, hammer (comes in 3 variations), blocks, inferno tower, city tower, internet tower, piston gate, laser beam, tetris, dancing pyramids, snakes, laser beam with switch, skeleton puppet, ghost puppet, witch's cauldron, graves, UFO,alien post,pumpkins and floor pushers.(Works only in E-Labrynth,when pushing buttons.), drummers, reggaes, mega trees(in reggae and mental rave!) 

Some of the obstacles in level 10 have a different texture than the others for a special effect, and many obstacles in Level 13: Deep Space are retextured drastically.

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