Neon is a level in which the themes change like dancing. It introduces the updated moving floor. It's themes are Ultrasonic, Discopower, Echolings, Viable Echolings and the cancelled Cardpower.

Leaked footage, prior to the update, was released, as RS did not officially send out the update before 1/26/2018.

Themes Description

Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic is the first theme in the level. Unlike other themes, there are two robots in the BG (Background) whose eyes are shining. The power of the lights are blasting multiple rays. Balls in theme are golden.

Discopower: This theme's BG is much more crimson than the other themes. It is similar to Level 5: Volcano. This time the robots' eyes are no longer flashing, but the power of the disco is blasting a couple of lasers and the lights as currently broken. Balls in theme are red-orange.

Echolings: The BG is similar to Discopower, but the robots currently have echoes. Balls in theme are pink, similar to the theme called Candy Midnight.

Viable Echolings: The ground and BG are the same with unviable Echolings, but balls in theme are golden.

Shifting Echolings (Echolings to Ultrasonic): The BG is the transition from Echolings to Ultrasonic. First, the ground will transform to Ultrasonic, then the BG will wrap up to Ultrasonic. Balls in the theme are golden.

Shifting Ultrasonic (Ultrasonic to Echolings): The BG is like the Vice-Versa Version of Shifting Echolings, it is Ultrasonic becoming Echolings. First, the ground will transform to Echolings, then the BG will wrap up to Echolings. Balls in the theme are pink.

Cardpower (cancelled): The BG becomes yellow, the robot's eyes are flashing red, but the power of the disco appears to have card-like figures. Balls in theme are golden.

Different crown ways:

Neon game play by Funny Sausage TV:(11 gems)

Neon Soundtrack:


  • This level's bug is currently in the real game. It is called Dance Stopped which, after Ultrasonic, starts Discopower, and then starts Echolings.
  • The character called Supersonic can change his colors in Neon's themes by himself from theme switching.
  • In the mini teaser, there was a cancelled theme called Cardpower (or just Clocksonic). If it is added into the game, then it will replace Viable Echolings.
  • In 1.7.3 initial release, there were 11 gems but either collecting 10 or 11 gems will still give the same amount of 10 gems.