Monody is the second level of its kind, because it can only be unlocked by completing 50% Level 2. It is the first level to have less than 20 gems in the level (it has 10). It is remixed from TheFatRat's song, Monody and introduced the Ice and Metallic Ice themes. It was released on December 31, 2016 for samsung users. The level for Apple users was later released January 4, 2017. It is the first level to also have Crowns.


  • In the Level Select Screen, the level has a little star reading "Bonus" to indicate that it is a bonus level just like the other two bonus levels, Illusion and Candy.
  • The old beta version of Monody had 20 gems and no crowns, but some gems in the beta were impossible to collect.
  • It is the second level to have voice in it, saying a really squeaky "Whoo!"
    • The first level to have voice in it was Level 8, Tetris. A robotic voice saying "Let's Play!" can be heard, along with a theme change. After the robot says "Let's Play!", the music has changed to boss like music.
  • Monody is a song by TheFatRat, an electronic Youtuber music composer. He remixed his own song for the purpose of this game, as the original song in 5 minutes and 24 seconds.