Level menu

The Level Menu is a feature in Rolling Sky that allows you to select levels from the homescreen. It makes finding levels quick and easy and is the only place where 8Bits, Matrix, Joker, and Mental Rave where able to be accessed before they changed the level sequence to be based on difficulty and put all the levels together and they are now accessible in the home menu Stars above the level name indicate how hard the level is.

  • 1 or 2 stars indicates that this is an Easy level.
  • 3 stars indicates that this is a Normal or Medium level.
  • 4 stars indicates that this is a Hard level.
  • 5 stars indicates that this is an Insane level.


  • Although many levels have 5 stars, their difficulty varies by a large degree.
    • For example, The E-Labyrinth and Poker are both 5-star levels, but Poker is much more difficult than E-Labyrinth.
    • Also, the ranking list is also sometimes wrong. For example, Reggae happenes to be much easier than some of the levels before it.
    • Laser is 2 star level and Ignite is 4 star level, but it's a secret that Laser is harder than Ignite.