Circus is one of easiest 4-star level with new obstacles introduced such as clowns, horses, trick cups, spotlights, circus lights, and unicycles. It also includes hoops, and also a clownhead.


  • The level is based on circuses.
  • It was originally going to be a 3 star level, then it was confirmed as 4 star level.
  • It is the only level to have Outside Circus.
  • It includes the Quadruple Jump from Poker and Joker. This also appears in World Cup.
  • This level has one of the easiest crowns.
  • Although this will be a funny level, but also this level is the creepiest level in Rolling Sky. Depsite the fact that this level is not Halloween-themed level.
  • This level's BGM has some referance of I'am So Classy from F777.
  • Depsite being published as an easy 4 Star level,it is most unbalanced 4 Star level about difficulty.
  • This level is one of four familiar level, who also took apperance in Level 31:Happy Birthday.
  • This level and Clown Park result so hated by the players because They are very weird and also much creepy.