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Level 23:Ignite introduces new obstacles such as Neon Pistons, Geometry Blasts, Hyper Lasers and more. The song, called Ignite, was made by Alan Walker. Ignite has two themes: Vortex Korea and Vernon Korea.


  • When the language is translated instead of English, the thumbnail's still in English.
  • In Vortex Vernon's Ignite music video, the right side of the corner says 'MADE BY VORTEX VERNON' because he remake the background by using Photoshop, so he credit his name on it.
  • The themes' names are currently fit Vortex Vernon's YT name.
  • This is the easiest 4 star level as many people have beaten it. The hardest is Egypt.
  • This is first Rolling Sky level who based for Alan Walker following by Alone.