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Level 23:Ignite introduces new obstacles such as Neon Pistons, Geometry Blasts, Hyper Lasers and more. The song, called Ignite, was made by Alan Walker. Ignite has two themes: Vortex Korea and Vernon Korea.


  • When the language is translated instead of English, the thumbnail's still in English.
  • In Vortex Vernon's Ignite music video, the right side of the corner says 'MADE BY VORTEX VERNON', which means one of the towers are made by him.
  • The themes' names are currently fit Vortex Vernon's YT name.
  • This is the easiest 4 star level as many people have beaten it. The hardest is Egypt.
  • This is first Rolling Sky level who based for Alan Walker. The second will be an upcoming level named Fade or Faded.