}1UP is the 16th level in Rolling Sky and was the first level to introduce new gameplay modes (Flying Ball, Smashing Obstacle.)

Like other levels,the music of this level is made by F-777,but the music name is still 1UP and it has its album called 'Press Start Vol.3'.

This is also the first level that a player needs to control the ball through narrow gaps between tiles touching each other at the sharp edge of the square. This is also the reason why 1UP has become the most difficult level after level difficulty optimisation has been released for the game.


  • This level's image only has jets,but originally when you play it,jets does not exist,but they're replaced by jet rockets.
  • 1UP is a harder version of 8Bits.
    • Enemies can also be seen flying by the jets, but in the level the flying enemies cannot go outside of the block range.