Level 10 is the tenth level in Rolling Sky.


  • It is the first level since level 5 to include the Inferno background.
  • It is also the first level to require keys to unlock. However, the inferno theme in level 10 is different from that of level 5 : the trigger land has an outline while the ones in level 5 did not.
  • This level introduced the winter theme.
  • The theme sequence was winter, melting winter, inferno, winter, melting winter, winter. However, since the release of the Halloween level.
    • The melting winter themes were removed to reduce lag and being replaced by a more blueish winter theme.
  • The name of this level is a refrence to the japenese film Castle in the Sky
  • This level's music is similar to TheFatRat-Time Lapse.

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