Level 10 is the tenth level in Rolling Sky.


  • This level came before Monody, and is much harder.
  • It is the first level since level 10 to include the black and white background. However, the black and white theme in level 10 is different from that of level 10 : the trigger land has an outline while the ones in level
  • It is also the first level to require keys to unlock.
  • This level introduced the winter theme.
  • The theme sequence was winter, meltingwinter, inferno, winter, melting winter, winter. However, since the release of the Halloween level, the melting winter themes were removed to reduce lag and being replaced by a more blueish winter theme.
  • The name of this level is a refrence to the japenese film Castle in the Sky
  • This level's music is similar to TheFatRat-Time Lapse.
  • According to the level's trailer, there was originally supposed to be a "Noir" theme to the level, but it supposedly didn't make the cut.
  • This is the second and last level that had its own name but didn't show until the level list was released.

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