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Rolling Sky Bonus lv

Rolling Sky Bonus lv.10 Hoop Dream 100% Clear - All Gems SHA-0

Hoop Dream (aka.Prelude Neon) is the 10th bonus level of Rolling Sky,it is the direct sequel of Street Basketball.After Cheetah Mobile delay it to November,they handle their selves to copy the name from the movie called Hoop Dreams.


When the first teaser of Halloween Escape,Cheetah delay Hoop Dream into Bonus 10 because Halloween levels' bonus are needed in the same month.After Ignite released,Hoop Dream's tiny teaser came in the level list.And when the teaser came,the down said that Basketballs are back.


  • This is also one of the levels that was only 1 star.
  • Every bonus is originally playable in the level list.However,when this level released,every bonus are in the level menu.
  • Hoop Dream is the only bonus level without crowns since Bonus 3, Candy came out

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