Cloud Gameplay

Cloud Gameplay

Cloud is the first level in RS 2018. It replaced Level 1: Massif for the tutorial and for the tutorial music as of 1/13/18.

Theme Debuts

  • Clouds - The main theme of Cloud, appearing for 34 seconds of the level (57% of the level).
  • Cosmos - Another theme of Cloud, which also appears in levels like Massif and Sky. It appears for 13 seconds, or 21% of the level
  • Tetris - The last new theme in Cloud. It is exclusive to this level and Tetris, Level 8. It appears the same amount of time as Cosmos.

Level Information

Main Level Information

Gems - 10

Crowns - No

Lucky Boxes - No

General Ball Color

Clouds - Red

Cosmos - Purple

Tetris - Light Blue

Main Color Scheme

Clouds - White, Light Blue, Blue, Orange

Cosmos - Magenta, Dark Blue, Purple, White

Tetris - Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Black


Clouds - White to Light Blue Generic Background

Cosmos - Rounded Pillars in the back, with a spot of Magenta in a pool of Purple

Tetris - Blue and Purple mixed with a Generic Background.

Passing Objects

Cloud - Clouds (White)

Cosmos - Rounded Pillars (Purple to Black)

Tetris - Pillars (Purple)

Level Length Information

Theme Changes

Clouds: 0:00, (0%)

Lasts 20 Seconds

Clouds to Cosmos: 0:20, (31%)

Lasts 13 Seconds

Cosmos to Tetris: 0:33, (52%)

Lasts 13 Seconds

Tetris to Clouds: 0:46, (74%)

Lasts 14 Seconds

Percentage Rate

Approximately 1.6 Seconds per %

Time Changing Obstacles


Obstacle Costumes

None. All of the obstacles in Cloud are generic obstacles.

Gems and Crowns

Gem 1: (8%) - Very easy to collect, just go to the left of the pop-up obstacle.

Gem 2: (21%) - Also very easy to collect. Keep left of the swinging hammer.

Gem 3: (26%) - Easy to collect. Go to the 2nd column of ground from the right, and you'll be good.

Gem 4: (52%) - Really easy. Just keep in the middle.

Gem 5: (58%) - Very easy to collect. Go to the left branch in the split.

Gem 6: (68%) - Really easy to collect. Just go to the right option in the split, or just go right after going to the left option.

Gem 7: (75%) - Easier, but more challenging than the other gems. After the laser fires, immediately go behind it.

Gem 8: (86%) - Easy. Just go to the left bounce pad after traversing the obstacles.

Gem 9: (90%) - Really easy, simply go to the right in the branching path.

Gem 10: (95%) - The last gem in this level! It's still as easy as all the others. Go to the far left bounce pad after all of the obstacles.


  • It is unsure if this is a normal level, bonus, or tutorial, but for now most people call it "Tutorial", as it has replaced Massif for the level music on other levels. It's also a tutorial replacement, making it the easiest level of the game.
  • Unlike other levels with no crowns, Cloud has 10 gems, but it was expected to have 20 gems.
  • Cloud uses the second theme of Tetris.
  • This is the only level without a Pod.