Cloud Gameplay

Cloud Gameplay

Cloud is the first level in RS 2018. It replaced Level 1: Massif for the tutorial and for the tutorial music as of 1/13/18.

Theme Debuts

  • Bright Sky - it resembles massif but brighter
  • Dark Blue Beat - same as the purple beat but the ball is in blue instead of yellow.


  • It is unsure if this is a level, bonus, or tutorial, but for now most people call it "Tutorial", as it has replaced Massif for the level music on other levels and for a tutorial replacement, making it the easiest and shortest level of the game.
  • Unlike other levels with no crowns, Cloud has 10 gems, but it was expected to have 20 gems.
  • Cloud's "Purple Beat" was a modified version of the Level 9: E-Labyrinth theme, but in this theme, the ball is blue and not yellow. it can also be referred as the Dark Blue Beat.