Characters are objects you can play as in a level and the main protagonists of Rolling Sky. There are currently 8 types of characters in the game, with more yet to come. Characters can be accessed as from a button with a Ball as an icon. Pressing this will give the player a choice of which character they would like to play as.


Index ball

The Ball on the "Joker" update.

Not to be confused with Balls.

Normal is a character unlocked when the player begins the game. It has no special ability, as it is the main character of the entire game. Upon crashing into an obstacle, the ball will explode into a million pieces that scatter everywhere. Upon falling, however, it will begin to fade into a black color while the BGM of the level stops.


RS-001 (full name: Rolling Sky character No.1) is a character that most likely resembles a car. When the player begins the game, the player is given 3 tries with RS-001. After the player uses up all 3 tries they must go to the Shop and buy the RS-001 for $9.99 (€8.37) if they would like to try again. RS-001' s special ability/power is a 30% chance of a free Shield.


The basketball is a character similar to the ball but with a basketball texture and it is animated. During the "Street Basketball" update, there has been a lucky spin where you can collect Balls, Shields, and the Basketball skin itself. To obtain the basketball, the player must collect 10 puzzle pieces. If the player has not yet collected the 10 pieces, they can still try for free for 3 tries, just like RS-001. After those 3 tries are used up, the player must pay $2.99 (€2.49) in order to get another try. If the player has collected all 10 puzzle pieces, they may play as the basketball infinitely.

Magic Pupil

The Magic Pupil is, much like the Basketball, a Skin and a first Halloween protagonist that appears to be an eye. It has a green trail when playing as the Pupil and upon death explodes into little green pieces.


The Magic Pupil

Trick Ball

Trick Ball, or Troublemaker previously, is a second Halloween protagonist being as a mummy. Its skin color is black, but with paper-like shield. When the shield goes destroyed, you'll never use it, similar to RS-001.


Voyager (Alan Walker when the door opened) is a lost character, and the major protagonist of Rolling Sky. He appears in the game when the level Ignite released as the 23rd level. He doesn't roll, as his car can fly. Unlike other characters, Voyager doesn't achieve the Shield.


Snowball is the first Christmas character. It has black eyebrows, black eyes, a carrot nose, a smile made out of dots, and a Santa hat on top of it. The skin can be unlocked for free by collecting "Snowflakes" or snow-labeled mystery boxes in the level "The Winter" during a limited time.


Supersonic is a primary protagonist in Rolling Sky. He switches themes to give levels a nice view. He looks similar to his friend Voyager, but with exceptions that he has horns pointing in the sky.

Scarab -Sign-

Scarab is an Egyptian bug and a main deuterangonist in Rolling Sky. 


Clown is a titular false antagonist which is planned to be a skull in Rolling Sky.


Football is a subtagonist added in Rolling Sky.

Voyager II

Voyager II, or Vortex Vernon, is an Alone-Ball, upgraded version of the Voyager. He is the original protagonist in Rolling Sky. It can be obtained free by 300 fragments or can be unlocked by completing the a challenge for a limited time.