Rolling Sky icon

A red ball, as seen on the game's app icon.

Balls are what players use, in order to avoid obstacles and finish levels. The color of a ball can change depending on what theme the ball is in. Also, depending on which level a player is attempting, the ball speed can change. Usually, lower levels have slower balls than higher levels. At the start of a level, a pod will deploy a ball (except for level 1, now for Cloud). The pod, as well as the ball, will change color based on the theme the level start in. The appearance of the ball can change if you switch to a Character.

You automatically obtain infinite balls. The paid version costs $1.99 (£1.49).

Free Version

If you run out of balls, you can wait a minute or watch an ad to obtain more. You usually get ten balls. If you complete a level, there is a 50% chance of getting ten extra balls. If you watch an ad after earning the ten balls, your reward gets doubled to twenty balls. Another way to obtain balls is to purchase them in the shop.


As players control their ball throughout the Rolling Sky levels, they are forced to face several dangers. Such dangers mainly include obstacles in the level. Running in to these obstacles causes your ball to shatter, making players have to restart the level they were currently playing. However, hitting obstacles is not the only way to fail. If players drag their ball off the road, they will be forced to start over due to falling. Occasionally, glitches may cause players to fail. However, this rarely happens, especially depending the software being used.


  • In the Level 7: Sci-Tech Update, Cheetah Mobile removed the Ball's shadow to reduce lag, except in the Levels' photo screen.